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Doorstep Cash Loans

Doorstep cash loans, also known as home collected credit are money loans brought to your doorstep. They're one of the few lender types that pay your loan in money and not into your bank account. Next, doorstep cash loans are a popular choice amongst regulars who don't have a bank account. You can compare doorstep loans no credits check-in available in your area using the table above.

How do Door to Door Loans work?

A local representative (known as an agent) of the lender will visit your home to assess your application and if accepted deliver the money to your home. This agent is your point of contact throughout your loan period and will be the one gathering your payments.

How often do I have to make repayments?

The majority of lenders will collect refunds on a weekly basis. This will be established by your representative prior to entering an arrangement.

How long will it take to get the cash?

Your loan is agreed after an initial online or telephone inquiry and then followed up by a home interview with one of the company's representatives. They'll take some details from you and assess whether you'll be able to repay the loan. From initial inquiry to payout, the turnaround is normally 3-5 working days.

Will I be declined if I have a bad credit history?

Not necessarily. Your application will be assessed by your dedicated representative and a decision will be based on your situation and current circumstances.

Most United Kingdom doorstep lenders will not report your payment history back to a credit reference agency. That means this product is not a credit builder - so if you've got a poor credit profile and you're looking to take out a small amount of credit to rebuild your credit rating, this type of borrowing is not going to assist you. If you have a good credit rating you're also on the wrong page as you'll be able to access APR's of less than 10% by applying for either a bank or supermarket loan.

Unsure of your credit status? Our guide to understanding your credit file will get you up to speed.

Acceptance criteria

As these types of loans are collected from your doorstep some have quite specific requirements. Some companies will require that you don't live in a block of flats that has a buzzer to gain entry into the building. Doorstep lenders will also vary in terms of age requirements. Like any other loan you have to be over 18, but some lenders in this sector won't lend to you unless you're over 21 and in some cases, over 25.

What to watch out for

Expect high rates for the convenience of a doorstep loan with representative APRs between 190% and 650% APR. You'll be making weekly payments with repayment periods from 13 weeks to 52 weeks. Doorstep lenders offer loans from £50 - £1000, but it is worth noting that some companies offer less to new customers and will only lend out upwards of £500 if you're an existing customer. Doorstep lenders use self-employed collections agents who live in the community that they work in. If you make an application to a doorstep lender make sure you know the name of the person who is coming to see you, prior to their visit. When they arrive, check their ID and confirm that they are representing a licensed lender.

Final word

Warning - doorstep lenders offer high-cost credit and provide what they Choose Wisely team has dubbed a loan of last resort. If you have poor credit and are looking for a personal loan, in the majority of cases rather than opting for a doorstep loan you'll be better of comparing options using our bad credit comparison tables.

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Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to is a Credit Broker – Not a Direct Lender.


Please note that payday loans are meant to be used for short term financial emergencies and are not designed to provide long term solutions.

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